When you suffer daily, yet tolerate the toxicity within because this is what is called living, perhaps you survive this way

When you love but it never reciprocates because you have no idea where did you miss to treat him well, you die inside

When you offer kindness but still your kind words are treated as flattery and had no meaning at all, comparing your suffering to theirs, which one is worse

When you are abused in the name of a pseudo-issue or to please other’s will as they assumed your happiness is painless, you sink inside

When your choice of words is duly noted for a quick reply instead of being heard, you are shunned moments after moments, thinking should I speak at all

When you want all to end but still try to make it through to the other day just to see the other sight, perhaps a change so big that make things normal again

When you surrender because you can’t fight it anymore yet you see no difference, crawling on your knees for forgiveness for the crimes that you didn’t commit

When you want to move ahead but become a victim of circumstances, maybe, to understand life, which seems pointless as everybody is having their share

When you don’t have a chance but still want a chance to take a leap of faith, but scared to move at all, you stand there thinking

When you live in a fantasy and know that it is delusional but still want to erase years of bitterness to move ahead, thinking one fine day

When you did whatever you can but still failed because your perspective was misunderstood, unheard

When you know reasons but still unable to explain to other people what are you going through because they seem so content in their lives

When others just assume on and on because you haven’t let them enter your negative memory lane and showed them your weak spots

When you smile through your pain just because the micro world around you smiles because you are smiling, you pose

When you can’t be a change because you don’t have enough strength to boost confidence in masses anymore, still living their lives normally

When you fight but the fight has no meaning because everybody else is fighting their own battles, why to bother

When you fail but try to see the bright side that you will be more compassionate when others may never be this understanding

When you feel pain as living in pain becomes the part of your daily routine, so you just say, bring it on

When you find happiness in small things but those things don’t even make sense because it is so child-like but still perfect to erase darkness within

When you want to leave it all but still forced to be the part of it just because you are so close to becoming something

When you can’t choose to live your free will in this ecosystem because you are so small, so insignificant but still trying

When you do whatever you can, but in the end, suffering is the only way to make it through, you want to cry but tears are dry

When yearnings are the only way you are living your life to survive the inner war but subdued in lies around us

When you seek that happy sight but still stereotypes/doubts/fears wrapped in mediocrity makes sure that you lose while you ponder Why?

When you fight a battle of life and death, a disease so insidious, but you still want to survive, but for what, you think every night

When you can’t heal yourself because healing in itself is rotten with the negativity onset, you lay there in pain ‘saying this shall too pass’

When you are loved but loving becomes meaningless when you are haunted by the memories of the past asking every single time, why I?

When time tells no difference among the past, the present, and the future because you are living in the zombie land, walking with other deads, just to try

When you know that your stakes are getting down, any sort of aggression would only jeopardize relationships, so you stop and try

When you forget your pain and get involved in others’ happy moments and not shed a single tear knowing that this life could have been yours, you collect moments

When years of hard work and labor is washed in natural calamity just like that, you just stand there watching, clueless

When parents watch their children suffer in the hands of fate for no good reason at all, becoming hopeless with every passing day

When you see no light in the dark room, cover yourself under the shroud of the dead dreams and holy tears, completely numb inside, isolation inside out

When you are lost in your head, life is doomed to an extent threatening your survival but you still want to keep head high, still beaming

When you have no roof on your head, no food on your table and no clothes to cover up, yet struggle to become better not bitter with every passing day

When you are dependent and self-esteem is hurt to the extent that finding a means to live is struggle enough, piece of you die every day

When you are weak by your illnesses and yet getting attacked for being so strong because others don’t see it so closely, blinded by their beliefs

When you accumulate wealth little by little, living inconspicuously so that you save whatever you have, but still attacked to lose it all

When empathy is lost in the name of struggle because your struggles in itself are making a room in your head, no place for others, emotionally detached

If still, you spread happiness so that poison within won’t plague mankind, I bow you, my friend

Because Compassion so deep is harder to find, to sustain, to live and to come by, you are the master

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