I felt compelled.
I felt compelled to hold your place.
I felt compelled to stand by you.
I never told you why or how you touched my soul.
But I’d go through hell to reach you now.
All dearest companions lost to me on this lonely island of honesty.
Across this dark world a light reaches from my heart to yours.

Whispers of the tales of all the tragedies that can’t exist.
Shadows of the places we have been taunt us.
Blood of our ancestors runs through us.
I had to be what you couldn’t take to understand who you are.
I’ve never gone to such places in myself.
I felt compelled by you.
I felt compelled by how you touched me.

You are enslaving me.
You are my everything.
It takes my whole self to witness you.
I long for peace.
You do not exist.
You do not exist.
I do not exist.
I am always with.
Caught in the spaces in between things.

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