By JCK   

Am I driven to do or to be -
Being forced into this play of shadows and lights
Or is it my own choice, to prove something –
Prove that I am better than or at least equal to you ?

To be better than my father or my mother -
To be equal to the greatest minds that ever lived
To tie or better any number of records -
To go faster and higher –
To know more, and to be great?

And what for?
To excel, to be smart, to get praise
Make my family proud and also my friends -
To be known –
To be mentioned on TV -
To become immortalized in some human shrine?

Everyone wants to be a celebrity
Everyone seems to want to get to the top –
And what then?
Am I better than you?
More knowledgeable?
King of the Crowds?

As soon as I feel this Compulsion to do
I step aside and look closer at it -
What are my motives, my aspirations?
Only pure Being should be the cause.

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