concealed Impressions

A woman had no dream, all she dreamt of is her family.

but this phrase suits better centuries back.

You would amaze if you travel deep into her heart & read things from her situation.
She too has a simple liking, to spend some time @ eve when he returns back from work, to go on a long walk at night with him, talking little crazy things hand in hand, Pay some time alone residing at the edge of a mountain fainting with the charm of his selfish eyes but, it disappoints her when he failed to feel her and don't even take measures to make her smile in her downfall. She realized that your mentality about women is simply, a childbearing toy, a kitchen material, only eligible to do household stuff. Your perspective on her is she knows nothing & you humiliate her in times at public when she opens up her thoughts.All you find in her is faults. Her world is not between the four walls. She too has friends to meet up have a selfie together & chitchat for a while, but you treat her like a dog is chained and waiting for her owner to unlock it.

Does some minute happiness of hers upset you? Let her flee like a bird who relish the sweetness of the air up above the sky. He wants to be the tool who digs her punctured heart & repairs it. Don't say you are a man of hers if you can't read her & make her happy. This is what a 'womanism' she craves from a male chauvinist.

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