Concentration Camp

I arrive at concentration camp
Not a lamp or doctor in sight
I put on my uniform, all covered in stripes
I see tons of people, all dressed alike

People are in famine here
Some kids have faces that are streaming with tears
I see a sign in the distance saying
"Shooting area" swaying in the wind

I thought it was for animals, all different sorts
But then someone told me
That area isn't for animals, they shoot us like it's a sport
I thought camp would be okay, but now I see

This camp is not for activities, but work and death for us Jews
I heard my cabin's going in a gas chamber tomorrow
Whatever that is I bet it won't be fun, and that is the news
I'm walking to the chamber now, faces filled with sorrow

I see a man getting shot in the enclosed pen thing
And smell the smell of burnt bodies, making my nose sting
We enter the chamber, as a Nazi pours in toxins
I hold my breath while people fall and bang on the door

Finally I can't hold my breath anymore,
I fall and die inside the chamber, my heart feeling sore
For all these innocent people here
Will be killed and treated poor; this reality brings me to tears

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