Conceptual Mental state

Cordite of problems and copious methods of beings
Continuous tussle between minds and genes
The effluvium of societal atrocities and deeds
Humans find inviolatable ways to plant juniper scenes

To the jab by junky situations of means
We stand together to mitigate unseens
The rat race for unrealistic goals and dreams
We make our mind and body only ludicrous machines

One has to end the extended race for gleams
Otherwise one day the mental well being deceases
Remember the interdependence of creeds
Dark days may be stronger but my perseverance proves my genes

Rather than spending times with the therapists
Spend virtuous time with your kins
Senselessness and emptiness of our lives persists
That is why we develop mental scenes

Surround yourself with person who insists
Say I love you as often as one leans
Stop worrying because worry may kills
Don’t envy, it waste time and energies

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