Concerning Life

I hear the people saying “the world's such a mess,”
But who ever said it would be clean?
These are peoples’ lives, not the inside of a limousine,
Not meant to be swept clean, daily, to please the majority,
But meant to be filled up with some of life’s joys,
And even some of her sorrows.
You can’t pick and choose every part of who you are though.
Part of life’s a gamble…
Some of what you got is what you’re stuck with.
But so what?
You got a million other things that you can pick up.
Along the way, a few of your dreams fail,
Still got lots of other dreams,
So dream on.
Don’t be stuck in that stagnancy,
That illustrious lie that all of life is a tragedy.
Breathe deep, laugh hard, yup, yup.
Just gotta keep living on,
But really it’s all in your best interest, to be happy,
To feel it, whether we realize it or whether we choose…
To finally admit to it.

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