The way your blue eyes looked into mine
it was like a blow to the heart,
and it hit me in the head like a concussion.
I walked around so blind,
from the way your lips moved as you spoke those soft words.
They were like strawberries, so red and delicate.
Your eyes are bluer than any beautiful ocean you see in pictures.
And the way you care for me,
would make the coldest heart feel a faint warmth,
the feeling makes me feel infinitely loved.
Your love makes my heart beat faster and slower like time.
It makes me blush three different shades of a beautiful red,
tinted with three beautiful shades of you.
They say death in your sleep is the most peaceful way to die.
So now ill rest my skull on this gentle feathered pillow
while the thought of you fills my concussed head,
until I drift into an alluring never ending dream.
Because it was you,
it was you,
it was always about you.

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