“It’s a brand new day!”
As the Sun rises,
It also sets somewhere else
Time is constantly changing
The Universe has so many secrets
There’s a place
Where butterflies illustrate the human condition
Take me home
With your words of poetry
To that place where I belong
Away from yesterday and tomorrow
We’ll live in the now like never before
Whether caterpillars or butterflies at the moment,
We’re all going through the same process
We’re all growing at our own pace
Let others prosper next to you
Invite everyone along for the ride
Open your arms
With an old sweet song
Coming as sweet and clear
As the moonlight in the pines
Just like Ray Charles sang,
We’ll be singing a tune to the World
To keep mankind on our minds
Because this World is crazy
With conditions we’ll never be able to explain
So we’ll sing songs
About finding that place full of caterpillars and butterflies in a beautiful World of growth
As the Sun rises,
And it also sets somewhere else

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