It's the calm,
before a storm.
The way my heart feels,
I've been warned.
I'm going to,
hurt someone.
with complicated words,
with simple action.
I've lied to myself.
I had to hide it from myself,
thinking I could feel,
the same for someone else.
I've made a mess,
out of a clean situation.
I guess you could say,
I've picked my poison.
I thought that maybe,
I could fall for you.
But as time went on,
nothing else grew.
I'm sorry that,
it worked out this way,
but even if he wasn't a reason,
I would still betray,
your trust,
your touch.
I can understand,
if you're angry.
You walked,
into this blindly.
And all I did,
was act calmly,
when I knew inside,
I couldn't guarentee,
you my heart.
You had no part.
I don't know,
what this will do to us,
and I have never,
felt more nervous.
I can promise you,
my intentions were pure.
But throughout our time,
I was so unsure.
This isn't a love poem.
It's a confession.
It's an apology,
for everything I've done.

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