Confession of a Ghost

Unfamiliar beings lurk in shadows, watching and waiting.
Unbeknownst to most, acquaintances to few,
They know your fears, and will use them against you.
Mind games are their favorite, they always win.
How do I know? you ask...I am one of them.
I visit you nightly, you never knew I was there.
Didn't you feel me? I was the chill in the air.
Building up my strength to frighten you,
The peace you have will be removed.
Remember when lights flickered,
When you couldn't find your keys,
Those footsteps you heard? Yeah, that was me.
You caught a glimpse of me once,
Recognition swept across your face,
Followed by confusion-my favorite mistake.
Your fear grew day by day, you became quite frail.
The misery I caused was your own private hell.
It's not over, I'm attached to you now;
I couldn't leave if I wanted, I don't know how.
So sit back, relax, I'll soon make it known:
I'm a force to be reckoned with,
You'll never be alone.

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