I have more than a few confessions
I must make before this poem is over
These confessions fill my head
Now out here they come
I have a LOVE for this World that must burst
In my head, it does nothing but buzz
Driving me wild
I’ve got so much soul for this World
I have to confess
Onto these pieces of paper
My soul has good intentions
My words are my inventions
To tell the World, “I LOVE YOU”
I will never give up
If you won’t either
You are the muse that keeps me going
It’s kind of like recycling
Love can never die
So I recycle it here in these poems
A loving hand reached out to me
To listen to my demons
In the middle of the night, He heard them screaming
He listened and was so loving
So now I extend that love to you
Please don’t give up
I’ll keep going
If you’ll just stop for a minute to hear me out
To tell your soul, “I LOVE YOU”
From the bottom of God’s heart
I must confess

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