Confessions of a Cutter

She carefully removed the
darkly stained towel from
her desk drawer.unfloding
the towel
she lifted up a blade testing
its sharpness by sliding her
finger along its metal edge
she outstretched her arm onto
the towel staring at the scars
already taking place
Glancing over her shoulder at the locked door,
she slowly slid the blade into her wrist.
How much blood will flow out of my already lifeless body?

Not enough to end this so called life but enough
for the sadness to be non-exsisting for at
least a few moments. Theese moments i long for pass
by slowly, with every inch of the blade i pray
for serenity. FOr the peace that every soul seems to have
every soul but the dammed that is.
Ther drakness fills my heart pushing out the last bit of hope.
I fall into myself closing my eyes as the
haunting understanding of the uncertinty of my life
begins to unfold before me. I lay on the floor
to scared to move to afraid that if i move it may
be the last time.

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