Confessions of an Iphone Addict

I've developed a new set of wrinkles
From squinting at that tiny screen.
"Words With Friends", to name one,
Means my chores go undone
So my house is not looking too clean...

If I get up to go to the bathroom
In the wee early hours of the morn',
I must check on my games,
See if Facebook has changed -
(This stuff's more addictive than porn!)

My checking account also suffers
'Cause the newest, best gizmo's NOT cheap.
GPS for the road,
Other apps to download -
Without "Angry Birds", how could we sleep?!?

I actually MAY have a problem.
Since my husband and I hardly speak.
But we're probably fine
'Cause we text all the time
And make eye contact three times a week.

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