Conflict Mismanagement Is The Root Cause Of Divorce

In every union, love's sacred dance,
Conflict weaves its thread, taking its chance.
For where two souls intertwine as one,
Friction and discord may not be undone.

In the tapestry of relationships so grand,
Conflict emerges, like waves upon sand.
It tests the limits, challenges the heart,
Yet in its wake, new understanding can start.

Like storms that rage in the wild expanse,
Conflict reveals the flaws, makes us advance.
It peels the layers, breaks down the walls,
To reveal the truth within love's halls.

Through fiery debates and passionate clash,
We learn to navigate and find a path.
For in the crucible of conflict's embrace,
We grow and evolve, finding deeper grace.

It teaches patience, empathy, and compromise,
The art of listening with discerning eyes.
For conflict, though daunting, holds the key,
To unlocking the bonds that set love free.

In the aftermath, as the dust settles down,
We find strength in mending the cracks that were found.
For conflict, when handled with love and care,
Can forge a love that's resilient and rare.

So let us embrace this truth, bold and true,
That conflict is part of what love can brew.
For in its crucible, relationships find,
Greater depths of love, beautifully refined.

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