Conflict of Interest

Conflict for interest
Could just be minding my own business
Then BOOM, next victim of just black enough for the crime
Finding my license and registration
Has never felt like more of an interrogation
As my heart skips beats
Trying to stay glued to my seat
I can barely keep my cool
Deep breath
Gotta Remember they make the rules
They can do whatever they wanna do to you
Saw a video that’s proof
All following suit, see black skin shoot!
Conflict of interest
melanin most equal a threat
to those sworn to serve and protect
some hidden oath that states protect and kill
Being a marksmen of black skin must be a skill
to see how many black homes they can destroy with our deaths
Showing us our lives mean less
Shewing lies like racism doesn’t exist
another example of injustice
Maybe that’s it
It means just us not them
Justice isn’t reserved for black men
Conflict of interest
They come here for Asylum
The thems that believe in American dream
The thems who slept in rafts for days
Only to be come slaves
Victims of a global sex trade
The thems whose hijabs were torn from their heads
When their only guilt is praying 5 times a day
The thems Smuggled in through the borders
To make an honest wage
Now having their kids sSnatched away
to be locked in a cage
As if they are animals
These thems escaped an oppressive place
Fleeing here expecting to be safe
Sorry to say America isn’t That place
To busy tryna craft this lie that Americas ever been great.
Conflict of interest
Wars a business
Lining the pockets of bigots
Backing the false promises of crooked politicians
Painting racism up as religion
Embellished fiction
Headlines should read “America, the culture vulture”
The red on the flag represents
The blood shed
as the white man a “discovery”
kills the red man then rapes then steals his land
And here’s the thing they hope we miss

This country was built off the interest of conflict...

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