Everyday we face the hardships of the thought to be superior
To breathe and stay alive whe we live is the criteria
With bones and blood originated from Nigeria
Now we're infected with the cold heart bacteria,

There is no longer a war in a secluded battlefield
But the place where we live, the love is not healed
God the protector, the mighty, the shield
But however today we see black men kneeled

Kneeled to their death but however so innocent
All to one petty little incident
Men of different colour still classed as citizens
But to them we're different, how typical

We riot in peace and not in violence
We do what we do and believe it is righteous
We don't expect to be ringing up the ambulance
When we're in need we don't expect you to abandon us

I have dream like King
To the table, my dream I will bring
Equality and Good

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