Everything's different, nothing's the same
Both of us hurting, and only I to blame
But if you'd just take a minute to think with my brain,
Maybe you'd see from where those thoughts came.
Maybe you'd realize you hurt me too,
Maybe you'd accept it's not all about you
Maybe you'd obtain the knowledge to know
Why I said what I said-what I was trying to show.
Maybe you'd see that which I hide,
Maybe you'd fathom that deep down inside
I'm not the bad guy, the one that is mean
I'm just one that is hurt; I let my feelings be seen.
Next time I'll hide them, I'll take full blame
I won't try to show you my course and my aim
I'll keep it a secret; I'll try to conceal
All of the wounds I'm still trying to heal,
All of the injuries that you've inflicted
All of the reasons that we're,

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