Conflicted Self

Upon a summer evening,
I find myself sedated among a drunken stupor.
As logic engages battle with the spins,
I digress to question my actions, again.

Water dripping from my brow,
I find a reflection irritated with poor decision.
As self hate slowly consumes the depression,
Thou digress to demand my path, aggression?

Without speaking these words were spoken.
Without thinking these thoughts were thought.
Without feeling these emotions were felt.
Without knowing these secrets were known.

...and I don't know why I live the life I live,
so when I drink and I think I can just pretend.
Can't you see it isn't me that's lost his way?
Its like the world forgot that tomorrow...
comes after yesterday.
And today just doesn't...
seem to be my day....

The reflection slowly fades away.
I find myself in a familiar place.

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