Conflicting Crossroad

We used to not fear the inevitable
unwillingly ignorant and blind to the grim reaper

We used to face danger as 3 blind mice
facing Lady Justice and determining balance of oneself

We used to judge oneself on the shoes worn upon one's feet
simplicity on the characteristics displayed

We used to stare directly at the eyes of the ones we cared for
through no barrier that one can shelter behind

We used to blindly soak in the authoritative material
molding the standard thought process

Today we choose ignorance or face the harsh truth
discovering those you idealized are not ideal

Today we grow a stronger dependency to the barriers of machinery
the ones who are not will float adrift

Today we are too aware
demonizing the characteristics that make us human

Today we choose ideological tools that determine ones level of humanity
depending on how one uses the tool may unite or divide others

So one must come to a crossroad between two roads
Choosing between a one ended narrow path that will end one way or another
Or an open road heading not one way leading to any destination
Only moving forward open to stimulating and grim possibilities.

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