By Zeelaw   

Where do I go? When I do not fit in.
So out of place that I feel I can't win.
What shall I say if the words don't appear?
Everything is a blur it's hard to think clear.
When nothing makes sense how can it be real?
I'm beginning to think that I hate how I feel.
If something seems wrong, it musn't be right.
I can honestly say that it ain't worth the fight.
All of these problems keep challenging me.
I just want it to stop so I can truly be free.
So enough is enough, I can't take much more!
That this feeling I have is too hard to ignore.
I want to believe that these things will work out.
Although nothing excuses my reasons for doubt.
Sadly day after day I have valued life less.
I'm saddened alot with so much to confess.
Once all said and done and the smokes cleared.
My life is a mess and it's worse than I feared.

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