I just want to change,
change for the better.
I keep doubting myself.
I keep doubting that i cant do it.
Why is it so hard.
So hard to move on from the past.
The past still controls me.
The past still controls me to do horrible things.
I want to be normal.
Be normal like everybody else.
I want to live life happy.
Live life happy and without any worries.
Do people still judge me.
Judge me on past decisions i have made.
I'm really sorry.
Sorry for my multiple mistakes.
I wish i could go back.
Go back in time and change everything.
But this is me.
This is me, and i am only going to get better as time goes.
Don't worry about me I'm fine.
Fine enough to continue doing this by myself.
Someday my past,
My past wont control me anymore.
I can't wait,
Wait for the day that I'm finally free."

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