Confused Still

Man the things that I am going through nobody understands
The quiver in my lips the trembling of my hands
The shaking in my sleep the headaches while awake
The people who surround me cant tell if they are real or fake
The pounding in my chest
feels like life itself is eating through my flesh
The darkness that I see the light that I fear
I feel as if I have a enemy somewhere close by and near
My heart feels heavy feet feels so light
My body starts to ache and I have no more fight
When I am up I am up and when I am down I am down
When I touch my face it is wierd cause I feel a smile
But when I look in the mirror it is still the same frown
The angry way I talk the insecure way I walk
You can tell something is wrong hell it is somebody fault
Could it be family or could it be friends
Or could it be me, myself, and the person within

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