Confusion in the mind

Sometimes i wonder, has life been unfair to me
but then i think of all things the world bestowed on me
Is it me who has wronged that i deserve to be treated
the way that i am being?
The silent voice inside me says, WAIT, Be PATIENT,
may be you are the only sunshine they have seen
I feel like i am being swayed away
by the current and pressure around.
May be there is no one up there
who can put things back around.
Have i really done so much wrong to
deserve a life like this.
Or am i not working hard enough
to pull me out of this bit.
The feelings keep swaying, the moods keep changing,
Can only hormones determine the feelings you go through
Or is it all pre-destined a part of a bigger game
that destiny has planned for you.
Its hard to decipher what life is
harder still to decide how to live
Should i be nice to others or my self
Can i just tell these others to go to hell
Oh well! the more i think the more confused i feel
these overwhelming emotion don't let me heal
I keep telling myself that its just a matter of time
& time alone can put to rest the confusion in my mind.

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