Conjunctive Conjugation

Oh verb “to be”
Tired of having to leave
Pregnant of a maternity leave
Resistant to a sigh of relief
Imposing your own belief
Composing young writers’ motif
Composing of abstract leaves
Wearing beautiful fonts to deceive
Seducing Bs where As should thrive
Endorsing C+ as A+’s wife
Eroding shows as tells would dive
Exalting tales as shows’ concrete knife
Poisoning this class, why should “to be” be alive?
To be is to kill life
This sarcasm is derived
From too hundred hives
From sixty-five ties
From 265 hives of ties
Ties transcribe “Bye bye” from Bible B
Ties describe “Sleep tight” to Fighter B
Musical ties sing “Fare Well” to Fairy B
Official ties say “Off you go” to Orphan B
Translating ties say “Au revoir” to Reservoir B
Psychopathic ties say “Leave us alone” to lonely B
Story-telling ties say “You stole, you must go” to Muscat B
Disjoint ties say “Separate yourself” to Serpent B
Titanic ties dialogue with Log B
Talented ties perform a send-off song for the verb “to be”
Ten tropics, ten warnings conceive
Oh verb “to be”
Poisoning this class, why should you be alive?

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Ode to the verb "to be"