The willow Infront of my house
Is waving like a glory
In a prom dress
Amidst noble men
It's the time of nightfall,
The sombre evening shall
Turn crisp and cold
The winds hustle as if they're on the way
To slay,
but the willow still
Waves like a glory
Maybe she's in love.

Did you cringe while reading the last two lines?
And shook your head with a warm smile
Did you.. Close your eyes?
And if not, please do now.
Diving deep in the thoughts
Did you too find a face
Which isn't yours to call.

I remember praying for the things
That stayed.
There's God and, faith is a colorful dress
I tend to wear,
In disguise of my name.

I did cringe reading the last two lines.
Shook my head with a warm smile
I closed my eyes
Diving deep in my thoughts
Found a face
Which wasn't mine to call.

And believe me, I prayed.
But the God, patting my head, said :
I'm just an old old man,
Living several lives since a long time
You've been asking the wrong person
To solve the puzzle of your life.
I'm here.
I'll stay.
And I'm grateful for your prayers.
But you got to believe in your call
You got to carry yourself like a goddess
Wearing that colorful dress of faith.

The willow Infront of my house
Is waving still.
The wind just turned into a mild storm
I didn't notice her calling someone for help
But the world, as usual
Was ready with the shackles
To tie her deep in the roots
They say, "we know better"
But they often forget
How their thoughts are covered with dust
At the back of their minds.
But the joke's on them,
For that, how can you tie someone
Who has escaped from their own selves.
And wore a dress of faith
Diving deep in someone's thoughts
Who was hers to call.

©Shweta Dubey

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