By k.a   

drifting through the dark
like noah on his ark
through this drowsy haze
i see the fiery blaze
leading me back to where i began
now i realize i shouldn't have ran
away from my problems
but there i went
away from everything
i began to cling to whatever i could see
without realizing i was slowly losing me
without the light of the fire
surviving in my mind was dire
and now there i stood
too far deep in these woods
to escape from it now
i tried to escape my own fears
tried to fit in with all of my other peers
while in my mind their faces would leer
and oh dear here i go again
losing this battle that i created
i stood fixated
by the riverbank before
and escaping seemed like trying to swim ashore while being caught in a riptide
but oh my did my mind lie
saying i couldn't win
that i’d never get out again
but here i am today
my mind not getting in my way.

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This Poems Story

do you remember when you “lost” your mom in the grocery store? well, anxiety is much like that, only you are physically with your family and mentally stuck in a foreign place. this poem was written when i was stuck in the figurative grocery store in my mind.