Conquering Blight

Just for blight I have surrendered
All of my possessions
Except the clothes I'm wearing and my balalaika
How could this have occurred?
I guess I'm just not strong
Oh mercy unto me! If this can't be conquered
Myself I may deliver to the Volga River
Boris's place is real nearby
He has been my vendor
It is blamed tempting to go to him and say
Oh Boris, one more time, da pazhalsta one more time
Bind me up and puncture me, da pazhalsta one more time
But if he does I may not see the light of tomorrow
So I shall avoid him, even in such sorrow
Though I am in desperation, covered all in perspiration
Trembling from head to toe, I know where I must not go
I'll grit my teeth and gulp down hard
When the retching starts
Oh ho deary me! I'm in blamed agony
But I know I must be strong
And I'm going to cling right on

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