What was I thinking I mean I wasn't thinking sitting behind the wheel of a car drinking. I killed a man could have been a husband, son, father or all three what I realize now at the moment I couldn't see. Because I was too drunk having fun driving fast he's crossing the street not knowing those few steps would be his last. Then bang! I hit him and drove off fast thinking the worst to happen would be some bumps bruises and a cast. But no I killed him and now he's dead as I watch the news the moment replays in my head. The very next moment theirs a knock at the door I couldn't run because I've committed a crime I can't ignore. I open the door they say ma'am your coming with us I step out and on my wrist they slap the cuffs. When I got to the precinct I just had to confess his death was on my conscience and I needed to get it off my chest. As I walk to the cell I ask his mom can you ever forgive me? She cry's and says how can I be forgiving when my son is no longer living.

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