Did you think that everything would be fine?
That the words don't worry, from miles away, would change
a single thing? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret.
One that I learned on the playground, when I got
into fistfights over dirt piles: actions have
And who knew those consequences could actually cost.
Would actually cost.
Real people, real things, real life.
You can never get that back.
But don't worry, right?
These practiced lyrics are uttered as if they can
heal these wounds.
Not the physical ones, no, you weren't around for that.
The only true pain felt is when the soreness of your
absence dies, and the pain comes artificially, to serve
as a reminder that it should hurt.
That's when miles away is normal.
That's when I
have to remind myself that this is not how it should be.
And that's your consequence, whether you know it or not.
But don't worry.

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