I hear the crack of the thunder. I hear blood rush through my veins.
I see the death of my love, as it drifts slowly away.
And they asked what had happened. I lied with my reply.
See my life has slipped slowly through the cracks as I cry.
I never tried too hard to follow my dreams.
So when my freedom was taken, I had no right to scream.
I guess this was coming. Imagine what kind of a mess I'm now in.
See when you aren't too careful you find yourself on the way to hell.
I know I'm not wanted, you've told me before.
But make sure you see me out, please don't slam the door.
I understand the places I went wrong.
I hope you understand, I didn't mean for this to get so withdrawn.
I know you can't forgive me, not yet anyways.
But if you want to see me, I'll show up, just have faith.
I guess what I'm saying is that we all mess up.
So let me know when you figure this out.
I'm waiting for that day when I will be freed.
From the consequences placed on me.

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