Consider Dis

There will be days in Our lives
when thangs will seem out of place
no reason for Us to lose heart
for We must continue to finish the race.
in dis race there can Be many winners
But,We must Be right to win
We will need much faith
like the flesh needs the blood and skin.
sometimes to walk in the spirit
can leave the flesh confused
it will reveal thangs done in the past
of which We won't be amused.
But,dis is the reality
that none of Us want to face
We would rather try to keep it hidden
so not even We will see a trace.
Jah's truth don't come in advance
of thangs remaining the same
it penetrates the liars darkness
and all lying tongues it will most surely tame.
There shall Be no head on dis earth
that to truth will not kneel
for it's proven itself in the past
Now,the present day will know it is real.
when the word arrives
with it there is hope
for it cleans to the soul
impossible with any man-made soap.
somethangs done in the past
will hardly Be forgotten
We must give thanks to Jah
for lifting Our souls when We were downtrodden.
Yes, We best Be thankful
for seeing another day
Dis mercy from Jah gives time
to change Our hearts along the way
Remember,the Lord is there
each and everyday of Our lives
there's no need to fear satan
or his sweet-talking mouth full of jive.
satan's not just a snake
he has two legs and to truth he will hiss
Remember,Jah's justice is swift
so the entire world should Consider Dis! Amen

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