Consider Me

You hit me like I'm nothing-nothing more to you, but an animal
You see me crying, but you leave me as if I'm just a stranger,
But really, I'm just a kid- a child
Your child
Yet you treat me everything less
I get that I'm not perfect
I get that I make mistakes,
But do you have to blame me for each one of them
Is it wrong than I'm scared?
How can I not be?
I just saw you hit three others and now you're holding a knife
How can I not be?
I may be nothing to you, but at least treat me as a decent human
I've seen much worse than me
Is it wrong that I drink too much?
Well at least it's not wine, but juice
Is it wrong that I spilled too much?
At least I clean of the water, while others are cleaning of blood
Can you consider me a friend or at least a lovely neighbor?
But if you can't, lets hope you just remember
I'm still your child

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