Constant Battle

Here I am,but don't give a damn.
I can't avoid living.
I just need to cope with it,
But this feeling 's horrible
And it feels I really need a miracle
To overcome this obstacle.
Don't see what it is clearly.
It seems it predicts a tragedy.
Truly hope the thoughts won't swallow me...
Reality 's so closely,but I can't reach it.
And how could I ever know
What's the place held for me in this world?!
Everyone has a purpose in life, obviously...
"So you have your own destiny " ,waiting for me.
"Time's yours!Your world's not gone.
There are so many paths.You'll find your one."
For they it's easy as they're all so busy.
I am artistic but pragmatic, so choosy.
Oh, it 's so hard when there's just one to see.
Who am I in this world of stories with faces,
Offering millions examples?
When straight rules and demons try to kill my story
I get up and fight just for a golden second of glory.
I wander:tomorrow will be the same,
Or another failure making me go insane?...

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