Constellation of Emily

Up amongst the billions of galaxies,
Clusters of lucent fragments, with each being a star
All part within an ever expanding plane of space,
Where existence will cease, and a birth of eternal dark.

Have you ever wondered, while staring out from the vale that
Evanesce will your memories, and our promises fade unwillingly?
When our time equals cipher, can any life imprint?
I believe now that it can, after I met you Emily.

It matters not to me if God exists, and i'm stubborn after death
Enraptured, with all that I have hold of right now,
My love unto you bestowed, until my last breath.

The matter that makes us, journeyed for eons as time allowed
A collection of stardust, formed from elder stars that passed
After all, living is it's own reward and what matters is right now
The universe sure took its time, but it brought us together to last.

Up amongst the billions of galaxies,
clusters of lucent fragments, with each being a star
All part of an ever expanding plane of space
But when all life will cease, forever for you, my loving heart.

So I brush off from my shoulder, thoughts unto silence, and not one's awareness to see
Now my mind is at rest with absent affliction, a gradual increase of our affection, like new born stars from used debris, then gifted emergence through timely accretion.
In the darkest shade of black, the inexplorable sea
You're my first choice distraction, still have all my attention, a constant, unchanging increase of adoration
Like the old explanation, our own steady state theory.
Will you let me be your lifetime attachment, while the brightest stars diminish behind our blaze of attraction?

Comprehension of the natural, celestial body and beauty,
in all of your wonder, a real miracle before me
But for me to achieve that point of satisfaction, it would require an in-depth and extensive explanation
Putting together the facts for all the eyes of the world to see,
You'd need your own special branch of astronomy
We're equal and unmatched our own balanced force of devotion,
another push and pull system in the third law of motion.

Perhaps an optimistic and hopeful first attempt, at expressing myself through poetry
But with this I can tell you, in a slightly different way,
that you're my best friend, my partner and you'll always be my family
Now seldom are those unfavoured thoughts, their tendence to abscond from uncertainty
Because now you've made me feel like i'm destined to be,
forever a part of the constellation of Emily.

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First ever poem written for my partner.