The world seems so big, yet you we’re so small

I remember jumping into the lake with you
your frizzy wild curls
framing your face so perfectly
Your sweet laughter as your mom handed you a
yellow towel

You reluctantly wrapped it around yourself
telling me about your new crush
giggling as you danced around your back-porch
Eating chocolate-covered strawberries

I didn’t understand that years later your yellow towel would go around your small waist
Immediately after you came up out of the water

Your big sweatshirt hiding your tiny body
You politely declined your moms offer of those bitter chocolate covered strawberries
Which you used to enjoy ever so much

I’m not hungry
You told herself

Because your mom wouldn’t understand how desperately you needed to be skinny
We could say you were obsessed with your weight
Which was never low enough

Just not hungry

You stared at yourself in your bathroom mirror
Fighting back tears
How disappointed you had become with herself

Throwing up every meal
That’s what made you feel in place

A sense of control you felt by keeping your stomach so empty
You watched as your waist grew thinner and thinner

Those beautiful curls fell out with the slightest touch
How weak you had became

For the world seemed so big, yet you were never small enough

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