Contagious Hate

Many have gazed upon this shattered heart,
This misery is tearing him apart.
She should have left well enough alone.
No smiles for a love from the unknown.
Happiness escapes his painful thoughts;
She twisted him so strenuously taut.
Empty holes behind her empty eyes,
Empty thoughts filled under falling skies.
Sharp, venomous fangs of despair-
A disease, no one seems to care.
Every"I love you" was meaningless and ever so
Fatal, a dagger twisted deep inside his torso.
Will a day ever come
When deception meets done?
A hole remains where his heart once was;
Her heartless evil was just because.
Hate has consumed his soul,
Hate has taken its toll.
He is dead on the inside.
Hate fills all who have tried.
He spreads his emptiness.
No one will remain blessed.

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