Contemplating My Navel

The wondrous nights, of dreams and feels of you.
You who I know and don't so well
The mystery of life, my very precious little thing.
We are separated forever.
Now you're nothing I can see but only feel.
Birth will only bring, larger, vaster more glorious
mysteries. of you and of us
Oh how strange and beautiful it all is.
Now people love you through me.
We touch you together,
Everyday I prepare for what? I can't imagine.
It's you and you'll expand me and contract me
and push my body to fit yours.
Never to be the same because of your touch.
I search faces in wonder, hoping to find your before your time.
I guess I can't wait but I've enjoyed the waiting never-the-less.
It surprises me that all of the people came into the world
THIS SAME WAY! it is all so wondrous and amazing.
Having you inside me, has made me smile,
and feel closer to all the world!
I love you

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