I don't wish to feel the way I do,
but in my mind and in my heart
I feel sadness that overpowers my existence,
everything around me seems far and distant,
and happy is a word not a feeling.
I can't wait to get home and cry and sleep,
and close my eyes, and escape my existence in this universe ,
waking up is a struggle, I don't want to think of facing my life,
I ask for help I look around I see smiles and I see laughter,
but I know I can only pretend that I feel the same,
if I could have what you feel,
I know my life would be much better, I wouldn't care or worry,
I wouldn't think and over think and question,
there is no one I can look to for support,
as I don't think anyone would understand how
and why I feel the way I do.
I don't want to worry others,
as I don't want them to enter my mind and see who I am.
My only wish is to feel content...

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