Well, he isn't good, he isn't kind,
He isn't perfect, he doesn't try.
He says he loves me, yet tests my trust;
I constantly yell at him in utter disgust.
He leaves me often, then returns repentant.
I take him back, because on him I am dependent.
How could I let this horrid monster take over my life?
I continue to allow him to reign with agonizing pain and strife.
I'm better off without him, of course;
I know that, yet I'm drawn to him by some magnetic force,
See, I hate this man with all my heart-
Yes, every day and all the time, until death tears us apart.
Well, now I've told you my contradictory love story,
How I detest the man I once desperately wanted, unfortunately.
So I'm sure this won't make sense to you,
But you see, I hate this man and love him, too.

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This Poems Story

Jenny is a junior in high school, she plays basketball and partakes in swim team. Jenny lives with her parents and brother; their names are Cathy, Peter, and Keegan. This poem was inspired by women who stay in relationships that may be abusive or dangerous; this poem attempts to give insight into the mindset of a young woman conflicted with feelings she has for a man who treats her badly. It was written to show how blinding love can be and how it perhaps clouds our judgment and causes us to block out the harsh realities of love.