Everybody knows what love is;
Nobody knows what love is.
You cannot choose to love;
You cannot choose not to love.
You cannot make someone love you;
When it is gone, it can never renew.
Love can come as a whisper, soft and warm,
Or as the rage of a tropical storm.

It is the strongest bond, an unbroken ring;
Yet it is fragile as a butterfly wing.
It is the source of our greatest desire;
It is the source of our deepest despair.
You provide the bus it rides,
But it chooses which way it rides.
It roars on a super highway;
Or travels on a lonely byway.

No one can hurt you as badly as the person you love;
No one can make you as happy as the one you love.
With a full heart, to protect or save you,
I would kill for you, I would die for you.

But now that you are gone from view,
In my loss, will I kill myself for you?

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