What an influential, powerful little voice we have inside our heads.

Constantly talking, filling our minds with endless chatter.

Never ceasing an opportunity to boast and exaggerate.

Continuously and impulsively demanding orders.

Complete with its own auto corrective system.

Not ever letting you forget its assumed control over your thoughts.

Placing you on an irrational pedestal that no one can reach, not even you!

I would like to present to you, your ego.

This self-centered part of you who creeps in to steal your attention when you least expect it.

Always ready for war even when unarmed.

The part of you who lives eternally offended consistently looking for a reason to bring someone down.

Feeling grandiose at the sight of your defeat and sorrow.

Feeling Godlike and entitled, Living carelessly with no control of itself.

Quickly resulting in its own demise.

Seeing itself repeatedly blameless.

Endlessly desiring to feel good but, not knowing how.

In all certainty, too mundane to realize the cure to its pain lies deep within your enlightened place.

Casting the ego aside, seeing all through God’s eyes is the way to true freedom without disguise.

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