Controlled by Temptation , Tempted by Tendencies

It's one thing to have suicidal thoughts
Its an entire different story to be committed to them
It's one thing to say " i'm going to kill myself "
It's another thing to actually take your own life
Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide
No single person should ever attempt to die on purpose
I know very well how it feels to want to die
To want to just disappear and be done with sadness
Nobody chooses to feel this way
They are forced , i am forced to deal with what i feel
So why am i getting shit for my chemical imbalances?
if i have no control over when they come and the power that they come in ?
It takes guts to purposely harm yourself
Which means something bigger , stronger
Is causing you to believe that this is the only way out
Everything that your trying isnt seeming to work
Which means you dug your self a pretty deep holee
And only you have the ability to get yourself out
So you need to try harder
Alot harder
Because obviously the old ways were not working
They weren't working for a reason
Stop trying to be like everyone else
Your special for a purpose
You are a beautiful painting
And you were hung crooked ON PURPOSE
Don't fall victim to your unwellness

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Do you truly want to be a potential casualty or do you just want to live a life away from personal tragedies ? Think hard before you make a decision that your going to regret