You were always so tall
you made me feel so small
Looking back I know I haven't felt anything colder
Than when you treated us like a hit and run and left me on the shoulder

You told me what to wear
How to do my hair
You were the puppeteer
Oblivious to my tears

Let's be honest by the end you didn't care
Did you mean to leave me running scared?
You threw me to the ground
You left without a sound

But when the time was right (for you), you turned around
You know just how to make my heart pound
Your fingers grazed my skin
In that moment I swear you could hear the drop of a pin

You want me back
But I am something you will always lack

You had me believing we were a fairytale, a dream com true
That couldn't be further from the truth
We were a nightmare
You loved to watch my heart tear

You pulled my strings
Turned me into a broken thing
You walked over me like a steam roller
I will never again let you be my controller

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