Text me when I’m more than just someone who’s convenient.
Text me when I’m someone who means something to you.
You made me feel so important,
You made me feel so loved.
Yet while you use me and you abuse me,
I lie here and silently drown in all the tears.
The thoughts that you put inside my head,
The way you made me feel so special.
You made me feel semi-important.
You made me feel like I belonged in this world.
While I lie here tonight I realize I don’t.
Our love was once perfect,
Our love was once special.
We were once at peace with not belonging.
I was ok because I had you.
You told me I did not have to belong that all I had to do was be me.
Well, you were wrong.
You left like that.
With the snap of a finger, you disappeared.
You became a stranger again.
I went from being your convenience to a stranger.
Was it something I had done?
Why could you not love me the way you had?
Wait no that is right.
I was right.
You did not love me.
I was just your convenience.
Maybe now I am a stranger.
Maybe at one time, I had meant something to you,
Something significant.
But I do not now.
Now you are gone and I am ok with that.
Well, not okay but working on becoming okay.
One day I will belong,
But at least now you cannot use me and abuse me.
But still,
Text me when I’m more than just someone who’s convenient.
Because as much as I hate myself for it,
I miss everything about you.

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This Poems Story

This is my journey getting over my ex.