the first time I talked to you I was 7
I asked you why do people die and why did life decided
to leave my grandfather's body on that ethereal summer day
you said nothing but as if you understand
since then I frequently talk to you
always when you're in your fullest phase
and your eye penetrates the world leaving nothing hidden
since then a thousand conversations came and went
so many things I confided in you:
how I scarred my knees and blood flowed
and how I lent money and they didn't pay it back but I forgave
when I learned the meaning of the word love
and how much I cried when saw that no one loves truly
and how happy I was when I wrote my first poem
also when I felt hate for the first time and how I handled it
how I suffered for the homeless dogs and how guilty I felt
finding out that for my healthy meal an innocent animal was killed
you kept silent...
so many things I confided in you and learned nothing about you
except that you shine in red sometimes bloody as the news
another time you're in eclipse but here after all
convicted to die every month and to be reborn again
brighter and asserting your eternity
but I know even if you don't give a sign that you can hear me
and sometimes you pray for me so that I would not lose my hope
like a mother that I never had

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