Converse Telescope

From light years away,
we are tiny twinkling lights
Like the variable stars,
we shine through the universe
Beyond the void of space and time
As through the converse of a telescope.

We are a burning fire that uplifts those around us
The small glow of our astral flame is the light that guides us
Through the darkest nights.
And though dreary clouds and voilent storms
may eclipse us
So that we may become imperceptible
Our fire still burns strong.

Like the stars, we burn in the universe
Perhaps for a fleeting millisecond
Or perhaps
We endure for infinty.
But if we in time
Become the remnant of some astral fire,
We will be remembered by those
Who have looked into the converse telescope
And have seen our burning light
Amongst millions of scintillating stars.

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