Convicted and Addicted

bloated with fat intention
awash in seas of desperations
painted gently
painted, blackened
chaos upon chaos
is all that's attracted
it is a hunger
with voided shores
it is desire
then a desire for more
it is a picture
held in the brain
then its behaviors
driving everyone insane
it is the beginning
of a long lost dream
hands outstretched
come walk the heavens with me
it holds no truth
it speaks in lies
it is a starting point
to one hell of a ride
it seems to wash
to bathe the soul
in glorious things
too precious to hold
it is the dropping
from the clouds in the sky
a fall into the depths
the depths...of this slow suicide
it is so tantalizing
so alluring
so cold
as it takes over the body
the mind
the soul
it is conviction
convicted, are you?
to hold this thing
....but it already holds you...
it is a desire
that runs...bone deep
it is a life lived
in utter insanity
it is blackened
...a darkness...
to deep to explain
as the demon whispers
offering his outstretched hand
latch on, hold tight
...come walk my heavens again...


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