The demons in my mind come alive most at night
When all is quiet aside for the thoughts that clamor for my attention
Soon enough 4 AM rolls around and I am wide awake stuck wondering:
When will it stop?

How many times hitting rock bottom can one person endure?
When the sobs rack my body as I lie helplessly on the bathroom floor,
cold tile pressed to my wet cheeks

The yellow pills to make me normal,
The white pills to help me sleep
The weekly visits that are supposed to make me whole again

I long for the brief bright times that help me with my misery
I am blessed with those that helped drag me out of my own detriment
And distract me from myself
For without them I would not be standing here today

This journey has and will continue to be a tumultuous battle

I will win
I will lose
I will laugh
I will cry

But I must take what has been given
"This too shall pass"

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