Coptic Persecution: Bloody Injustices

October 9, 2011
Coptic Youth flood the streets staging a walkout
Hoping to spark the change that needs to come about
Because the situation for Copts has become unbearable
fate has something in store for them that was just as terrible
They would be joined by the police a while later
You'd assume it was to drive away any hater
But the hater and the police were one
As each officer proceeds to pull out his gun
And FIRES into the crowd of peaceful protesters
Whose blood now soaks the land of their ancestors
The army would come in its tanks and run over the fallen
Whose only crime was seeing a brighter future and diving all in
They has just wanted equality, was that too far fetched
Apparently yes, because atrocities have always been etched
Into history. Even now, as Copts are being maliciously slaughtered
Our blood is being used to keep the land watered

January 7th, 2010, it is just past midnight
The moon is high in the sky, the stars are shining bright
People exit church, a van passes by, bullets start flying
You can still hear the mothers screaming as their sons were dying
6 Coptic men don’t make it home that day
And their crime was going to church to pray

January 1, 2011, its the turn of the decade
I'm sorry to say people have gone to church afraid
Bomb blast kills 21, injures 70 more
Why are you using tactics of war???
We've done nothing to deserve this, nothing at all
So why are left with families bodies to haul
Off to the cemeteries to bury
while the rest of the world is off being merry

May 7, 2011, 3 coptic churches are burned
The government remains unconcerned
April 7, 2013, police attack a cathedral during a funeral service
Government is still not interfering, people are getting more nervous
It's funny how mere children are sentenced to prison for insulting Islam
But impunity is the only thing that meets terrorists who mass murder with a bomb
December 12, 2016, 29 die as another bomb is detonated
We're not even surprised anymore, just frustrated

April 7, 2017 in yet another act of bloodshed
130 are injured and more than 45 are dead
I was wearing white that day
It was supposed to be a happy holiday
Until I turned on the news and that's all I see
All I can think is how can this be???

May 26, 2017, this attack was simply an execution
A bus full of innocence was shot up in this act of persecution
28 dead, the youngest being 2 YEARS OLD
Just when the hell did the world become so cold

So many atrocious attacks have happened, I wish I could list them all
But I wouldn't be able to get through them without succumbing to tears and starting to bawl
These injustices have become the new normal and that just isn't right
There's nothing we can do, prayer is our only weapon in this fight
My heart goes out to the families but I confess I'm being selfish still
Because my only thoughts right now is will my family be the next ones they kill??

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This is part of a poetry series titled, "Tragedies in Human History," however this one is special because I have lived through it and seen in with my own eyes.